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7:45 AM

Hey John, I am looking for the best admin template.

Could you please help me to find it out? πŸ€”

7:50 AM

It should be Bootstrap 4 🀩 compatible.

7:58 AM


8:00 AM

Stack admin is the responsive bootstrap 4 admin template.

8:01 AM

Looks clean and fresh UI. πŸ˜ƒ

10:12 AM

It's perfect for my next project.

10:15 AM

How can I purchase πŸ€‘ it?

10:18 AM

Thanks 🀝 , from ThemeForest.

10:20 AM

I will purchase it for sure. πŸ‘

3:32 PM


3:33 PM

Great, Feel free to get in touch on

3:34 AM

3:35 AM
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